Visual Content


Everyone’s got a camera, so what’s the point? Get the sales manager to take a couple of product shots, get the receptionist to do the portraits, get the researcher to shoot their own breakthroughs. Near enough is good enough, right? So why does the world still venerate great photographers? Very simple. It’s not about pictures, it’s about communication. In today’s world, that means the ability to produce images that stop us, that stand out against hundreds, thousands, millions of others. That’s a challenge few can meet.

Mediatettix has on its books some of the world’s best photographers. A few have shot for classic media outlets - Time magazine, The Sunday Times, The New York Times - and others have survived war zones; some are still-life specialists, and others focus on portraits. Most also shoot video. Not all our affiliate photographers have high profile, but their work is hugely impressive. Call or email and we’ll send you portfolio links. Pricing varies, obviously.


Welcome to the 21st century. Video rules. The problem is, cutting through the morass is driving producers into ballistic mode: ever faster editing, ever louder beats, ever snappier messaging, nearly all of it disappearing into the Great Video Vortex. (All that creative energy down the drain!) So consider this option: sensible films that convey sensible messages, all highly watchable. There. Was that so hard?

At Mediatettix we stick to fundamentals. A good story well told. Your unique story. A focus on conveying the information that viewers want and need and can use. Graphics and animations that convey facts, and people who convey emotions. Footage that matches the message, expands the story. Entirely watchable videos, for receptive audiences. Our producers don’t just win awards, they gain viewer attention. Call or email us for previews.

Web Development

At last count, 3.2 billion people, half the world’s population, have online access. It 1995, it was less than 1%. The revolution of all revolutions. And the number of websites? Over one billion. Huge competition, right? You wouldn’t know it, judging by half the websites you visit. Poorly structured, impossible to navigate, lousy graphics, and searchability factor zero. We’ve all been there.

Mediatettix knows this: all websites (including our own) are works in progress. There’s no such thing as a perfect website and there never will be. Those 3.2 billion users all want something different; one size will never fit all. What matters is getting the fundamentals right, whether you’re an individual with something to say or an organisation with something to sell. We’re able to guide you from the simplest template forward, ensuring that at every step you’re in full control of the content. Our preferred web development platform is Squarespace, because it gets the job done.

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