Media Training

Interview/Presenting Skills

We've all seen politicians go head-to-head with interviewers, skilfully ducking relentless questioning, but for them it's second nature - they've done two or three interviews a day for decades. The journalists asking the questions, it's their profession too. But for anyone less experienced and likely to face a battery of microphones, cameras and lights, the prospect can be daunting.

Media audiences are more sophisticated now. They've seen hundreds of evasive interviews and know the tricks. If there's a dominant theme in Mediatettix media training, it's the quest for authenticity - and the credibility that comes with it. Our training is principled and effective, and tailored to your specific needs. Tough-guy James Cagney was once asked the secret of his acting brilliance. 'There’s nothing to it, kid,’ he said. ‘You walk in, you look the other fella in the eye, and you tell the truth.' At Mediatettix we believe that's always a good place to start.

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Pro-Mentoring is more than media training, more than on-call crisis management - it's Mediatettix's personalised career enhancement service built around the delivery of first-class media, directly under your name. It places you in the spotlight and on your way up, by providing one-on-one training that helps you craft your media appearances, presentations, speeches, opinion pieces - your professional and public profile.

If you're serious about career advancement, particularly on a global scale, you should be looking for a highly experienced media mentor. Someone who’s worked on both sides of the media, who knows what makes a great story and what editors and producers want, and how to generate content for leverage across all platforms.

Initially, it’s about choosing a pro-mentor you're comfortable with and who understands what you're trying to achieve. Contact CEO Tony Maniaty directly at Mediatettix to discuss, in strictest confidence.  

Video Storytelling

Creating compelling video in-house is more than just recording and editing your footage. To be effective, stories must not only be seen but also be memorable, demanding to be shared across multiple platforms. Storytelling with a clear focus and purpose. Want to deliver facts? Then don’t use talking heads, use graphics and animation. Want to express emotion? Full-face close-ups are the way to go. Want to explain a theory? Always use a concrete example. Want their undivided attention? Highlight the personal over the general. Or create conflict.

These are just a few of the skills you’ll learn in Mediatettix video storytelling seminars. With the explosion in global social media*, video has become the ultimate tool for selling ideas, products and services - for educating, explaining, inspiring and entertaining - but getting the right mix of elements is essential. Mediatettix works with experienced video teachers and producers to deliver engaging, effective staff training at appropriate levels.

We have the gear, and the know-how. We’ll tailor our video story training to your needs, your budget.

            *In January 2017, Facebook alone had 1.871 billion active users worldwide.