Media Strategy


Any new idea worth its salt benefits from good external scrutiny. We’ll take your concept and test its assumptions, question its value, explore its strengths and weaknesses, suggest alternatives. We have access to a wide range of thinkers, writers, academics, creatives and other facilitators who'll provide a fresh perspective. We'll summarise their views and deliver detailed, confidential, written feedback. Mediatettix can also host brainstorming sessions among key staff. 

The principle here is simple: a relatively small investment at the project front end can avert major problems later, and add substantial value if the project proceeds. We'll also tell you how well the idea will fly in the media, how to improve its media prospects, and even devise a media strategy around the development and production stages.

Media Planning

'All is strategy,' said Metternich, 19th century German statesman. But the media landscape has never been more complex. Media has conflated into more media, and platforms abound, each with their own audience, interests and demands. It helps to know your way around. Multiplication is the name of the new media game.

Planning media strategies for maximum leverage of content has become a labyrinthine exercise - calling for deep journalistic experience combined with an awareness of the latest technologies, shifting demographics and audience tastes and lifestyles. Sometimes it's smarter to create your own multimedia site, with a portfolio of stories available to media outlets. Other times a well-placed phone call is best. A simple animation can bring it all together. Using analytics can be a clever game-changer.

Mediatettix has the expertise to help you plan a 21st century media strategy. Call us, no obligation.

Crisis Management

Every issue is potentially complex. You can either respond to the media's agenda, or take the opportunity to state your agenda. At Mediatettix, we believe it's everyone's right to access the media, as a cornerstone of democracy. It's not a place for grandstanding, for spinning vicious or ludicrous claims or scoring cheap points, but for stating your case and your beliefs strongly and effectively, for being open and being heard with respect.

One thing’s certain: the less prepared you are, the harder the questions will be - and the tougher the questions, the more flustered you'll become, and the less credible you’ll sound. When crisis strikes, you'll need to be well-trained and well-prepared - and know where to get strategic advice. Keep our 24/7 number in your phone. Mediatettix.