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In the rush to social media and rapid messaging, it's easy to overlook the power of a great speech. Or its written spin-off, the compelling opinion piece. Nothing has the authority and the audience holding power of great oratory. Speeches are a mark of real leadership. They’ve given birth to nations, and encouragement and comfort to their populations. They’ve won over doubters, enlisted legions of supporters. And in our time, they have become the standard-bearers of policy and change. (And, of course, a prime source of media sound bites.)

Mediatettix CEO Tony Maniaty has been writing keynote speeches and opinion pieces for over two decades on behalf of some of Australia’s top thought leaders, executives and game changers. (Discretion and confidentiality go with the territory.) He’s able to take your views on any subject and what you want to communicate, boost that with focused research, and craft an audience-engaging speech in a style and tone that reflects your voice and stance. Once established, the leader/speechwriter team is a value relationship to be treasured.

Call Tony Maniaty directly to discuss, in absolute confidence.


Sometimes it's just not there. The substance is okay - but it's too long, unfocused, all over the place. You need someone - and probably quickly - to sharpen up the arguments, to clean up the grammar, to replace wordage with hard impact. Editing and polishing documents is a Mediatettix specialty. We're experts at taking overblown text and turning it into something that not only sings, but conveys what you need to say in the clearest possible terms. This goes well beyond aesthetics. A sharp, finely-crafted single-page submission is more likely to seal a million-dollar deal than thirty-plus pages of dross. We know - because that's what our text editing and polishing achieved for a major public organisation.

Focusing on the essentials, while keeping the spirit: we'll work closely with you to get it right.


Where to start? Every hour we’re bombarded with words. How much do we remember, how much do we absorb? At Mediatettix, we agree that less is more. We’re inspired by those seminal Volkswagen print ads of the 1960s. A simple image of the Beetle, a simple line, some light humour, a memorable package. (‘Live below your means.’ ‘America’s slowest fastback.’ ‘It’s ugly, but it gets you there.’ One ad even had an empty space instead of a picture. ‘No point showing the ’62 Volkswagen. It still looks the same.’) Brilliant, bold, effective. And it really works*.

Whether you’re planning a brochure, a print campaign, or a TV and social media onslaught, you might want to consider inviting Mediatettix to pitch. Our website gives some idea of our style and thinking (and, yes, our font is the same as those VW ads. Let's call it homage.) We’ll say no more, because words are precious. But keep us in mind. We think most copywriting these days isn't very clever. Don't agree? That's okay, don't call us.

           * According to Forbes magazine, Volkswagen in 2016 was the world's biggest auto producer.